Frequently Asked Questions

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Christian Youth Camp Questions

Q. Is it too late to register for _____ camp?
A. Beaver Creek will take registrations, including walk-ins, until the respective camp is full, as long as all paperwork, including medical forms, release forms, etc. are available. We prefer registrations at least 2 weeks in advance. Tee shirts may not be available to late registrants.

Q. What time is check-in?
A. Check in is usually between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. the first day at camp. PLEASE READ THE PARENT/GUARDIAN HANDBOOK for more information.

Q. What time do I need to pickup my child?
A. Campers should be picked up before 1:30 p.m. the last day of camp. PLEASE READ THE PARENT/GUARDIAN HANDBOOK for more information.

Q. What do campers need to bring to camp?
A. Please see the Parent/Guardian Handbook for this and other important information.

Q. Do campers need money at camp?
A. No. We do not have a "trading post."

Q. Do campers need to come with a church group or may they come on there own.
A. Campers may come individually to Beaver Creek Youth Camp. Churches are also welcome to come (in respective age/grades) as a group.

Q. May our church plan its own youth camp and just rent the Beaver Creek facility?
A. Yes. Please call (719) 873-5311 for more information.

Q. What church (denomination) is Beaver Creek Youth Camp.
A. Beaver Creek Youth Camp is affiliated with the Rocky Mountain Annual Conference of The United Methodist, however, it is operated as a nondenominational camp. Our campers and staff have a variety of Christian backgrounds.

Beaver Creek Retreat Center Questions

Q. How many people can Beaver Creek Retreat accommodate?
A. Up to 148 in the summertime, and up to 40 in the winter.

Q. What are your prices?
A. Please see the "Prices and Fees" page at for this information.

Q. Who may come to Beaver Creek Retreat?
A. Beaver Creek's Retreat Center is designed for all types of groups including family reunions, corporate and nonprofit planning retreats, hobby retreats, training sessions, team building workshops, weddings, ski trips and more. We also welcome local, state and federal government agencies.

Q. May "non-Christian" groups come to Beaver Creek?
A. Yes. Please see the list above to see who is welcome at Beaver Creek.

Q. Do you try to convert non-Christian groups?
A. No. We have crosses, pictures of Jesus, Bibles, Christian quotations, and other religious items on display around the camp and ask guests to respect that, but we do not actively promote Christianity to secular retreat guests.

Q. Are pets welcome at Beaver Creek?
A. Due to Forest Service and Childcare Licensing restrictions, pets may visit Beaver Creek only by special arrangement with the management.

Q. Is smoking allowed at Beaver Creek.
A. Smoking is discouraged at Beaver Creek and is not allowed in any buildings. Smoking is allowed at the Ramada unless youth camps are in session or there is a fire/outdoor smoking ban in effect.

Q. Is alcohol allowed at Beaver Creek.
A. No. Drugs, including marijuana, are also not allowed at Beaver Creek.