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Camp July 5-7, 2018
July 8-13, 2018
July 15-20 2018
July 22-27, 2018
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Colorado State Regulations require information for 3 contacts for each camper.
Only the individuals listed below may pick up the camper unless written permission is given, in advance, by the Primary Parent/Guardian.

Primary Parent/Guardian - Beaver Creek does not contact youth campers directly. Camp information will be sent to the Primary Parent/Guardian.

Email will be the primary, non-emergency method of communication. If no email, enter and non-emergency information will be sent to the Mailing Address above.
(555) 555-5555    2nd Phone #
   (555) 555-5555

Second Parent/Guardian/Contact
enter "same" if address is as above
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Third Contact Colorado state law requires three distinct contacts (with name, address and phone number) be on file for each camper.

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Barred Individuals
Please list anyone who absolutely may not pick up this camper or is restrained from the vicinity of this camper.

Emergency, Liability, Contact, Photo Release and Signature

By checking here* you indicate you have read and understand Beaver Creek's Emergency, Liability, Conduct & Photo Release statement and the 2018 Parent/Guardian Handbook posted on line.

By entering your name here* and the date* you are electronically signing a legal document, indicating that the information entered on this form is correct and that you are a parent or legal guardian of the camper.